ESG Investments

Many investors want to “do well and do good” for the environment, for society, and invest in companies that share their beliefs.

A Good Investment that is Good For All of Us

Here’s a good idea: make an investment and that is good for our community, our society and the planet. Using rigorous academic research, new and constantly-improving technology and our network of investment experts, our team makes ESG investment decisions that A) meet our client’s real-life, long-term financial goals and B) reflect their personal values.

What is ESG Investing?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is a global movement promoted by organizations as large as the United Nations and as small as your neighborhood investment managers, like us. ESG investments used to be called socially responsible investing (SRI), but this has evolved with technology and society. For us, ESG investing means doing well and doing good; we don’t believe we have to give up investment performance in order to invest in alignment with our values.

But can I make a difference?

On the one hand, we have seen our investment companies make large changes at small companies who are responsive to their shareholders. On the other hand, a small change at a huge company may make a very large difference—say by increasing diversity in hiring, or in reducing environmental waste.

Better Investments, Lower Risk

New research is coming out that shows that investors who consider ESG criteria may avoid companies with larger risks than their competition. As time passes, larger and larger investors are demanding accountability from companies for more than just financial performance. In 1989, the Exxon Valdez sunk and caused massive pollution—but the stock price was not dramatically hurt—perhaps because ESG criteria were less important than today. More recently, the BP oil spill coincided with a precipitous decline in that stock’s price. ESG criteria are financial criteria—the “soft side” of business has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Our History With ESG

We have been investing using “ESG” since 2009 on a client-by-client basis. Investing using ESG is difficult because

ESG is misunderstand by many people,
small companies may not even show up in the most common ESG screens (perhaps because they can’t afford to pay the costs to be “audited” by third-parties), and
ESG is popular, so many companies claim they’re doing good stuff, but we need ways to verify. On Earth Day, 2019, we made our ESG core models available to a wider audience. We unveiled ESG portfolios that combine the best ideas of our researchers and investment platforms, just right for a larger number of clients.

How We Do ESG

We use intellectual rigor and patented processes. We lean on our research partners to perform

in-depth, in-person, on-site due diligence,
ongoing research using constantly improving technology and
make academically-proven, consistently high-conviction investment decisions. Our goal is to find managers who we believe have the skill to potentially outperform their benchmarks while they run businesses with the greater good in mind, heart and practice.

Investments as Unique as You Are

Independent opinion-making is a hallmark of a good investor. We often say, the right way to invest is to diversify by strategy. ESG investments bring up an array of sometimes conflicting opinions about issues that are personal, political, scientific, religious and more. There is not a one-size fits-all approach to investing, and your advisor is key to helping choose the right mix of investments for your unique values, goals, relationships and interests.

ESG Investing and Earth Day

Client Experience

Our wealth management approach may be different from experiences you have had with other advisors. We devote time to a discovery process that helps us understand your values, goals, and relationships. We design an investment plan and recommendations based on your unique needs.

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Life Planning

When planning a life, money is integral to almost everything. Our wealth managers have been here before with other folks like you. By talking with one of our experienced guides you can reduce your stress and increase your success.

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The right way to invest is to diversify by strategy, remain consistent, and maintain high conviction. We provide our clients access to:

100+ years of combined experience
Stock research lead by a PhD and former Dean of Finance, with a US Patented process
Fixed income, asset allocation and economic research lead by a team of CFAs

Our Process, Our Promise

We are fiduciaries. In other words, we pledge to put your interests first. We promise that no one has a greater interest in your family’s success than our team. If there is a conflict of interest, we’ll tell you what it is. We use clear language and explain your options without sales pressure, allowing you to feel confident in your financial plans.

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Investment Advice Videos

Learn more about how we provide meaningful investment advice to a small number of successful families and businesses.

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