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Choosing a Fee-Based Financial Advisor

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In the world of finance, seeking professional advice can be a crucial step towards achieving your financial goals. As the financial landscape becomes increasingly complex, individuals often turn to financial advisors for professional guidance. Among the different types of financial advisory services, fee-based financial advisory stands out as a popular and effective choice. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the details of fee-based financial advisory services, comparing them with non-fee or commission-based models, and discuss the pros and cons of choosing a fee-based approach.

Understanding Fee-Based Financial Advisory

Fee-based financial advisory service is a client-centered approach wherein the financial advisor charges a fee in exchange for their professional knowledge and advice. The fee is typically based on a percentage of the assets under management (AUM) or a flat fee for the services rendered. This structure ensures that the advisor’s interests are aligned with the client’s, as the advisor’s compensation is directly linked to the client’s financial success.

How Fee-Based Differs from Non-Fee or Commission-Based Models

Non-Fee or Commission-Based Model

In a non-fee or commission-based model, financial advisors earn their income through commissions earned from selling financial products to clients. While this compensation structure might seem attractive to some advisors, it raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Advisors may be incentivized to recommend certain products that offer higher commissions, even if those products might not be the best fit for the client’s needs.

Fee-Based Model

On the other hand, fee-based financial advisory removes the conflict of interest associated with commissions. The advisor’s compensation is transparent, and they have no ulterior motive to push specific financial products. This model fosters a relationship built on trust, as clients know that their advisor’s recommendations are solely based on their financial well-being.

Pros of Fee-Based Financial Advisory Services

Transparency and Trust

Fee-based advisors are committed to transparency, disclosing their fees upfront. Clients can trust that the advice they receive is solely in their best interest.

Unbiased Recommendations

Since fee-based advisors are not influenced by commissions, they can provide unbiased recommendations tailored to each client’s unique financial situation.

Holistic Financial Planning

Fee-based advisors take a comprehensive approach to financial planning, considering all aspects of a client’s financial life, including investments, retirement planning, tax strategies, and estate planning.

Client-Centered Approach

Fee-based advisors prioritize the client’s goals and objectives, working collaboratively to create a customized financial plan to achieve them.

Flexible Compensation

Fee-based models offer flexibility in compensation structures, such as charging a percentage of AUM or a flat fee, ensuring that clients can choose the option that aligns best with their needs.

Cons of Fee-Based Financial Advisory Services


Some clients may perceive fee-based services as more expensive compared to commission-based models. However, the value of unbiased advice and tailored financial planning often outweighs the cost.

Minimum Asset Requirement

Certain fee-based advisors might have a minimum asset requirement for clients, which could exclude individuals with limited assets from accessing their services.

Market Performance Impact

In a fee-based model, advisors earn fees based on AUM, which means their income may fluctuate with market performance. This can lead to potential conflicts of interest if advisors are tempted to take higher risks to boost AUM.

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Choosing the Right Fee-Based Financial Advisor

When selecting a fee-based financial advisor, consider the following factors:

Qualifications and Experience

Look for advisors with relevant certifications and extensive experience in the financial industry. Credentials such as Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) indicate a commitment to professionalism and expertise.

Fiduciary Duty

Ensure that the advisor operates under a fiduciary duty, meaning they are legally bound to act in your best interest at all times.

Services Offered

Review the services offered by the advisor to ensure they align with your specific financial needs and goals.

Transparent Fees

Seek clarity on the advisor’s fee structure and any potential additional costs.

Client Testimonials

Read client testimonials or ask for references to gauge the advisor’s track record and client satisfaction.

Services We Provide

As fee-based financial planners, we have knowledge with:

Envision a successful life in retirement, understand the financial implications and put together a retirement plan.

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Congratulations Young Business Owner

Grow and protect your business and transfer it the way you want and for the price you want.

Purchase a personal or investment property, including how much debt, legal and accounting issues.

Real Estate Family Moving
Wealth Transfer

Teach younger generations financial stewardship, transferring values and stories, ensuring a financial legacy.

Balance the rewards and risks of owning a large amount of equity in a single company. Get choice and control over when and how much to pay in taxes.

Concentrated Equity Owner

College and private education planning for yourself, your kids and grandchildren.

Products We Advise

We provide advice on a full array of investments, including:

Retirement plan advice for our client’s 401k accounts, and for employers who want to provide advice to their employees.

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Learn how we solve the complex problem of providing retirement income and reducing income taxes.

Balance the risk and reward between investments to achieve your real-life financial goals.

We build high-quality, actively managed equity portfolios using academically-proven techniques.

Learn how we build an investment portfolio around your large equity position and help you diversify your risk.

Learn how we carefully select some alternative investments to potentially provide income and growth for some clients.

For some clients, an annuity may provide a safe and prudent retirement income. We have independent expert annuity agents with an array of providers to choose from.

Learn about how we manage incentive stock options and nonqualified stock options to help you grow and protect your wealth, reduce your taxes and achieve your personal goals.

If you are looking for investments that seek potentially positive returns and make a positive long-term impact on society, environment, diversity and more.

If you are looking to take a moral stand on key issues such as pornography, violence, faith, families, diversity, stewardship, and more.

Learn how our team makes recommendations for the portfolio we call foundation income.

Our Fee Structure

We sit on the same side of the table as our clients. The more money our clients make, the more successful we are. We charge a fee based on the assets under management, and the fees are pulled automatically from the account, so the client does not have to write a check. Importantly, we are paid monthly in arrears. This way, our clients have the best opportunity to grow their portfolio with minimal fee drag. We are in alignment with the industry average fees. Click here to see our complete fee schedule.

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