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Discover 17 Ways to Go Tax Free and how they might benefit you. Learn about Roth IRAs, life insurance, retirement planning and more.

Learn Ways to Go Tax Free and how you may benefit

A&I Wealth Management President presents Go Tax Free to an international audience of industry professionals.

Empower yourself with the 17 ways to Go Tax Free! Learn good ideas to gain choice and control over how much and when you pay tax. Written in an easy-to-understand (and implement) manner, you’ll be able to have a great conversation with your financial planner, CPA and other expert about what is right decision for you and your family.

Taxes are the biggest cost we pay in the USA!

Taxes are the biggest cost we pay in the USA! More than food, shelter and clothing combined, taxes eat up a lot of our retirement nest egg. Tax free is different, and usually much better than, tax-deferred. Tax-free and tax-deferred are not the same thing. Read the book to find out if you might benefit with a tax-free retirement plan. Discover if your current plan—likely a tax-deferred retirement plan—is really best for you.

Going tax-free is not a scheme for the wealthy or a scandalous nightly news story. It’s the right of every American! Choosing to pay the right amount—and no more—in taxes is a prudent financial planning decision that gives you control and confidence. With a Go Tax Free financial plan, you’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that you are making good decisions for your family.

Three big reasons to make it of paramount importance to learn about how to go tax free!

First, tax-deferred is tax-compounded. If you put money into a tax-deferred IRA or 401k, and grow the money, you’ve grown your tax burden. Holding taxes constant, tax-deferred is tax-compounded. All things being equal, you might prefer to save a little money in a tax-free account.

Second, as we age, we lose tax deductions. Think about it. Many income tax deductions help you raise kids (credits, dependents, exemptions, and more). But as we age, the kids move out. Even if they move back in, we can’t claim them as dependents forever (really). Another huge tax deduction is the home mortgage interest deduction. As we age, we pay off the mortgage (hopefully, usually, at least we used to) and that’s another major tax deduction that we lose as we age. Go Tax Free discusses ways to choose when and how much to pay in taxes.

Third, taxes are likely to increase and not decrease over our lifetimes. For reasons many of us know, and many politicians avoid, the Federal deficit is growing, year after year. To pay for the promises we’ve made, we may need to raise taxes. Indeed, the odds point that way.

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Go Tax Free reveals the hidden in plain sight truth about the Federal government’s revenue forecasts and our retirement plans. Contact us to learn how to potentially save taxes today and tomorrow, and have more spendable money too.

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