Principle Values Investing

Investing with conservative American values

We can take a moral stand on key issues such as pornography, violence, faith, families, diversity, stewardship, and more.

Principle Values

Aligns a client’s personal financial plan with traditional, conservative American values.

Financial goals

Personal financial plan

Personal values

Our investments are a vote

Principle values invests in traditional investments like equities and bonds; it also does impact investing and exclusionary investing.

What is impact investing?

Impact investments are made in companies that strive to generate positive social, spiritual, humanitarian, or environmental outcomes alongside their financial returns.

What is exclusionary investing?

Exclusionary investing uses screening processes to exclude companies that do not align with the identified values and/or objectives.

But can I make a difference?

How can investments be screened to promote Principle Values investing? Here are several examples.


Gambling has negative effects that may impact finances, relationships, or personal well-being. Investment screens can recognize good stewardship by filtering out companies involved in gambling related activities, including equipment manufacturers, casinos, riverboats, racetracks, and gambling software.


Entertainment can promote or undermine family values. Families are the foundation of every healthy culture and where moral values are instilled and preserved. Investment screens can seek to preserve innocence by filtering out companies engaged in anti-family entertainment which include violence, language, sex and drugs through advertisements, media, games, stores, establishments, publications and on the Internet.

Pros and Cons of Principle Values Investing


A values-based approach may provide some peace of mind that your financial health isn’t built in a way that conflicts with your values. For some people, that may help overcome a barrier that would otherwise prevent them from investing altogether. 


There can be some potential drawbacks. Value-screening introduces an additional factor to an investment strategy. It may exclude entire industries or sectors of the economy and could make it harder to build a diversified portfolio.

The right way to invest is to:

  • Diversify by strategy
  • Remain consistent
  • Maintain high conviction

Our Process, Our Promise

We are fiduciaries. In other words, we pledge to put your interests first. We promise that no one has a greater interest in your family’s success than our team. If there is a conflict of interest, we’ll tell you what it is. We use clear language and explain your options without sales pressure, allowing you to feel confident in your financial plans.

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