Bret Eberhardt

Bret Eberhardt

Partner / Financial Advisor


Bret has worked in the wealth management and financial consulting profession since 2004. His mission is to become a trusted professional to his clients, helping both individuals and organizations successfully achieve their goals as they relate to the financial world. For individuals, this includes retirement planning, estate planning strategies, risk management, wealth management, and/or funding a child’s college education. For organizations, Bret utilizes his years of experience in organizational consultative approaches to implement highly effective Qualified Plans/401(k) plans. It is his responsibility to understand his clients’ objectives and guide them through the maze of products, services and approaches available, thereby forming a custom plan specifically designed to meet their goals.

Bret also provides on-site financial advice to members of the Colorado Credit Union at their three metro area locations in Littleton, Brighton, and Denver.

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Phone: 303-690-5070
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