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Investment Risk in China Today

China is Fraught with Contradictions The first of our expert opinions starts with Litman Gregory, who is one of our key research partners. In our most recent quarterly investment commentary, published last week, the analysts at Litman Gregory discuss two big recent decisions by the Chinese government. First, to take over the private education companies...
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Q3 Investment Commentary, China, and Estate Planning

Hang in there! The third quarter of 2021 saw equity markets rise and then fall. Looking ahead to the rest of 2021, as usual, we do not make any predictions. However, the fourth quarter is historically the strongest seasonal period for stocks. Since 1970, the median fourth quarter return for the MSCI World Index is...
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Inflation, 911, and Van Gogh

Last week, we saw many reports say that inflation is back. As you know, we rely on independent investment researchers. The right way to invest, we believe, is to diversify by investment strategy. That is to say, we use different research teams who may not always agree with each other. Now more of them are...
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College Hacks for Parents and Grandparents

Ways Grandparents Can Help their Adult Kids Pay for the Grandkids’ College We have a passion for college planning here at AIFS. Partially this is because we are parents, too. Many of us are currently putting our kids through college, have just finished doing that, or we are getting ready to do that. We also...
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2021 American Family Tax Plan Smaller

American Families Plan Tax Proposal

Read this Periscope for a summary of the tax proposal to see if the changes affect you. Make sure to share this Periscope with your friends and invite them to contact us if they would like to learn more from an independent fiduciary. Summary of the Proposed Tax Bill in Congress The House Ways and...
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Withdrawal Policy Statement

The Withdrawal Policy Statement

How do you know if you are prepared for your retirement? New tools make it easier than ever to create a retirement income plan. A&I Financial Services provides a withdrawal policy statement. The financial planners at A&I have over 100 years of combined experience. Using state-of-the-art technology, and our experience, we make it easy for...
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Paying for college

Paying for College

Advice for Parents Who are Paying for College Paying for college is expensive and difficult! Here are some tips to keep in mind. Mike and Kate Mike and Kate came to us having just turned 50. They had enrolled both of their sons in a local private high school that aligned with their values and...
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Pay taxes now or later?

Paying Taxes Now or Later?

The President wants to raise taxes and Congress may be inclined to pass a bill that makes it so. As your personal financial planners, we get asked frequently – is it better to pay taxes now or later? – we will have to help you make decisions before we know the results. Here are some...
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Inflation on chalkboard

Inflation is a World Wide Phenomenon

Inflation is Affecting Most Countries We hear a lot of talk about inflation in the USA. But it is not just an American problem. Look at the following chart:   Source: Statista In this great chart on inflation expectations around the world, you can see the USA is not in the worst position. But, as...
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