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How can I talk to my inheritors without spoiling them?

Many people struggle with the desire to keep their wealth private and prepare their children and grandchildren to receive the money. So, we want to have our cake and eat it too! Let’s walk through a few good ideas. With proper planning, and an experienced guide to help you do just that. One of the...
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The Magnificent Seven and Reasons for Optimism in 2024

Watch our investment commentary movie to get a more complete summary of the last year! Skip ahead to: 2023 stocks, bonds returns (5 min) 5, 7 and 10 companies you might want to know (7 min) Opportunities we see in value, small and international companies (11 min) Federal Reserve and inflation, what that means for...
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Investing in Election Years, a Guide for Investors

Learn the answers to common questions about investing during election years.  * Which political party has been better for investors? (start at 7 min) * What typically happens to equities in an election year? (start at 9 min) * Which sectors have done best in an election year? (start at 16 min) * What mistakes...
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Three Pillars of Retirement Income Planning

What makes a successful retirement? More than money!  Dr. Michael Finke is a researcher who speaks around the country about financial planning. His research shows there are three pillars to happiness in retirement: Money Health Relationships Dr. Finke’s unique perspective argues that we ought to invest in each of them. Money Retirement is more than...
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Simplifying Elder Real Estate: Navigating Complexity for Lasting Investment Success

“I want to make an investment in real estate, but I don’t know how it would affect my financial plans.” So begins many conversations at A&I Wealth Management. We help you align your investments with your values, goals and relationships. Real estate is often a big part of that decision. And, as we age, our...
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Home Healthcare Agencies

Three pillars of a happy retirement are money, health, and relationships. As we age, health becomes more and more important. If you, or a loved one, is looking for home healthcare, you may want to start your search here: the Medicare website. Home healthcare agencies are registered with Medicare, so they can receive Medicare payments....
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2023 Year End Axos Statement

This is a great time to be a long-term investor, but if you are looking short-term, 2023 might have been a difficult year for you! Investments, by and large, ended the year with gains. The majority of these gains happened quickly, and came from a few investments. Artificial Intelligence sent the shares of a few...
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How to Invest $1 Million Dollars – Comprehensive Guide on Maximizing Wealth

In the dynamic world of personal finance, the prospect of investing a substantial sum, such as $1 million dollars, demands a strategic and well-informed approach. This comprehensive guide aims to provide a detailed roadmap for individuals looking to optimize their wealth through a series of thoughtful investment decisions. From assessing financial goals to exploring diverse...
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Top 10 Financial Goals to Transform Your Future in 2024

As we stand on the brink of a new year, the time is ripe to reassess and elevate our financial aspirations. Setting well-defined and meaningful financial goals is the first step toward potentially securing a robust and prosperous future. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the top 10 financial goals for 2024, providing you...
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