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2nd Quarter Investment Update

2nd Quarter Investment Update Please click here for the complete investment commentary from our research partners at Litman Gregory. In brief, we are watching: Inflation Covid-19 Fiscal policy, especially in the USA Good expectations for equity returns—but bumpy! It is still too early to say whether and to what extent the past two months’ inflation reports are harbingers...
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Roth Contribution for High Income Earners

Peter Thiel has a $5 Billion Roth IRA Recently, one of the founders of Paypal, among other successful technology companies, made the news with the size of his Roth IRA. The Roth IRA allows him to grow the money tax free, pull it out tax-free, and transfer it to his beneficiaries income-tax free. It is...
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Any Wealthy Woman’s Roth Contribution Plan

Here’s a simple plan that may help a person tuck away a little money and go tax free. Especially now that tax laws changed for 2020, it becomes even more important to go tax free. And, there is a hidden benefit for older folks and people with a higher income. So let’s dive in. Similar...
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How to Make a Financial Plan – 10 Steps Guide to Creating a Financial Plan

If you want to make a financial plan, then this 10 step plan will make it a little easier for you to work through the vast and complex issues at hand. From budgeting, to forecasting, to understanding debt and insurance, sometimes money issues can feel overwhelming! But at the core, putting together a financial plan...
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4 Themes of Future Growth

4 Themes of Future Growth We last talked about our forecasts in January, and then previously in 2020. We lean on our researchers at Athena Invest and Litman Gregory. We also lean on our investment managers. Among the best forward-thinkers are the men and women at Baron Funds, Artisan, Sands Capital and other “future growth”...
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The Death of a 40-Year-Old Bond Market

The Death of a 40-year-old Bond Market Read this Periscope for historical perspective on bonds—but it won’t be boring! Macroeconomic Investment Strategies We lean on our research partners at Athena Invest and Litman Gregory to make our investment decisions. Athena’s patented investment process identifies 10 themes, or 10 general ways that all investment managers make...
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Fraud Protection with the FBI Recap

Read this Periscope for a few tips from the FBI about how you can protect yourself from fraud and theft. How to Protect Yourself from Fraud On Wednesday June 16, Supervisor Special Agent Brian Blauser from the FBI shared some stories and advice about fraud happening right now. The FBI does not allow us to...
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Should I Worry About Inflation or Go on Vacation?

  Read this Periscope for our insights about the current inflation situation, what we are doing about it and what you can do too! Introduction Inflation means increasing costs for the goods and services we purchase. Economists largely agree that the more money there is in the world, chasing a finite supply of goods and...
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How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Fraud

Asset Protection Video and Podcast Learn from the expert network team in a podcast or an online movie. Karl Frank, Nathan Merrill, Mike Miller and Jeff Krommendyk about ways to protect your assets during these turbulent times! Subscribe to the podcast or watch the video on our website.   There are four types of asset...
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