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Social Security Bend Points

Social Security Retirement Income (SSRI) provides a safety net for Americans. SSRI is also divisive–many people feel like it won’t be around when they need it! Read on to learn about how much SSRI pays, to whom, and a high-level overview of how it works. Did you know that in the year 2022: The average...
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Top Tax Deductions for Doctors: Save More, Stress Less

As a doctor, you dedicate your time and expertise to caring for your patients’ health and well-being. But amidst the demanding nature of your profession, it is essential not to overlook the financial aspects of your practice. By taking advantage of the top tax deductions available to doctors, you can save more money and stress...
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Comprehensive Malpractice Insurance for Doctors: Ensuring Protection and Peace of Mind

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, doctors face numerous challenges in their practice. One such challenge is the potential risk of medical malpractice lawsuits, which can have devastating consequences on a doctor’s professional and personal life. Comprehensive Malpractice Insurance for Doctors serves as a crucial shield against these risks, offering financial protection and peace...
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Asset Allocation and Investment Portfolio Management

We carefully build a portfolio of investments with the combined experience and education of our in-house investment committee plus two different research teams: Athena Invest and iMGP, (formerly known as Litman Gregory). The academic research shows: More than 90% of the variability of an investment portfolio is due to asset allocation. The average return for...
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Uncle James’ Legacy is More Than Money

Uncle James passed away a few years after becoming our client. With James, and all of our clients, we follow a slow, get-to-know-you process: Our discovery process Financial planning Asset allocation and portfolio maintenance Because we take it slow, we get to know our clients at a meaningful level. We talk with our clients as...
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Die with Zero: A Conversation with the Expert Network Team

Recently, our expert network team discussed a best-selling book, Die with Zero, by Bill Perkins. This is the first in a series of podcasts about leaving a legacy. I hope you enjoy listening to them! You can catch us anywhere you listen to podcasts: Apple, Spotify, YouTube, and more. Bill Perkins book argues that we...
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Springtime Gratitude

Spring has sprung here in Colorado. As the weather gets a bit nicer and the plants start blooming again, we are heading into some special times. Graduation season is upon us! We have several graduates in our staff’s family this year, and we have some in our clients’ families as well. We are so proud...
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Alternative Investments: An Introduction

Last year, our best performing investments were neither equities (stocks) nor bonds. They were alternative investments, including managed futures. We believe the right way to invest is to diversify by strategy. This strategy zigs when equities zag, and last year did quite well. Click here to learn more about our alternative investments and hedging strategies....
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A Winter Ascent and Our Investments

We have survived a bear market, you and I, if we did not sell into the fear over this past year. As we have discussed previously, see links below, investments do not require good news to do well. By and large, the value of our investments has increased at the same time as the bad...
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