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True Client Care

Read this Periscope for a perspective on true client care and a summary of July’s Periscope news. I’m tired of the Covid-19 excuse for delivering bad client service. Are you with me? The wait times at many large companies are horrendous. The people who answer are a little too casual, and carefree. There is too...
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Futility of Paying Attention

The news is omnipresent: in our hands, in the web browser, in the background at a public space. But it’s just noise. This week’s Periscope addresses an example of news and futility. Same News—Different Conclusion I knew it was going to happen. The headlines would give us bad news about financial institutions. Here is a...
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New Website and Resources

Read this Periscope to learn about some of the new resources provided on our all-new website, Client Access The new Client Access button, at the top left of the webpage, provides links to several of the most common requests made by our clients. You can login to see your accounts, your financial plans, download...
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2020 Halftime Show!

  Read this Periscope for a recap of the one of the most strange episodes in the history world investments, the year 2020. Since we don’t have sports, we might as well have drama—and 2020 is delivering a lot of drama. Investment update Overall, we are comfortable with our current portfolio positioning, which balances a...
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Change is Tough and Things are Getting Better: Working in the USA Today

Continuing with one of last week’s four investment themes, a number of our investment managers are looking at the way work is changing in the United States and finding opportunities. I thought I’d share with you a summary of some of their thoughts. Part of the value we bring to you, I hope, is that...
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Four Investment Themes for July 4th

Read this Periscope to learn four themes for the near future. The past six months changed the world (again) and we’ll look back on 2020 as one of the most stressful of years. Hint: the key word of the near future is adapt. Theme 1: Consumers go online FAST!WalMart is, by far, the world’s largest...
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When is the Right Time for Financial Planning?

Money skills are survival skills, I said recently to the CFP Board of Standards. This wasn’t my idea, it was my dear friend and mentor, now departed, Dick Wagner, who gave me the opening quote. Read my CFP Board blog post I’ll share with you some secrets that I didn’t explain in the national blog...
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Covid Market Gains

Why is the market going up?

The markets are rallying back from the fear of Covid-19 and some things have changed dramatically. But many things have not.Let’s take a look at what has changed and what has not. Things that changed Right now, the Covid-19 economic crisis is still upon us. Many companies are attempting to restart their businesses and some...
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Bear Market is Over!

Today’s headlines are stressful. Equity markets are full of hope, having recovered from the most recent bear market. You deserve a vacation—or at least a comforting drink and moment to relax. The recent market movements inside your equity investments were dramatic and rare. Equities Can be TerrifyingEquities can be terrifying to watch. If you had...
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