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Change (and Changing Markets) is Challenging and Awesome!

“We are not renters of stocks. We are owners of companies.” – Ron Baron As we discussed last week, we expect the changing markets to remain unsettled. Our investment researchers are cautious in the short term. Importantly, this level of caution is uncommon for us. We are long-term optimists, and you—and we—invest with that spirit....
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Tips for Individuals Planning on Adopting – Consider Your Options & Make a Plan

Becoming a first-time parent brings with it a new world of financial challenges. As a parent or parents who are planning to adopt, here are some ideas to help you navigate your decision. Some things to consider include: Upfront Costs Complex Laws and Time-consuming Process Emotional, Physical and Relationship Costs Ongoing Costs A Special Note...
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The Election is Over – Back to Work?

With so many investments down in 2022, we at A&I are working harder than ever to make prudent long-term investment decisions in our client’s best interests. Among the work we are doing is to go out and visit the mutual fund and other investment managers who we work with. This year, I have visited with...
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Our Q3 Investment Update: Portfolio Adjustments, Shrinkflation Strategies, and More!

We believe the right way to invest is to diversify by strategy. For the first time since the great financial crisis of 2008, our researchers are in agreement that the short-term is a little bearish. To get to the highlights of our investment update, here are some shortcuts for you: 5 mins 10 seconds: 5...
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In A Recession, Ask Your Financial Advisor These 5 Questions

When markets go sideways, it can feel like all of your plans do, too. Recessions can bring with them a lot of uncertainty around life plans, from retirement dates to vacations to month-to-month spending to – well, I’m sure you don’t need me to continue the list! After several years of a strong (if volatile)...
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Best Of Expert Network Team: 2022 Roundup

You asked for a podcast, and our Expert Network Team has delivered!  Over the last two years, we’ve published over fifty episodes.  Check them out here (and be sure to subscribe to get updates!). Subscribe to the Podcast You can stream the podcast on Apple or Google Podcasts. Or, listen to the Expert Network Team...
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Portfolio Positioning, Market Movement, and What’s Coming Next: A&I Investment Commentary (Q3 2022)

The equity markets and fixed income markets are scaring many of your friends out of their investments right now. It’s time for the A&I third quarter investment commentary. Contact your wealth manager here at A&I if you have any questions or concerns about today’s headlines and your long-term, real-life financial plans. And, consider introducing us...
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How Our Childhood Money Memories Impact Our Spending Habits Today

What is your first memory about money? Maybe it’s the sense of pride from earning money for yourself for the first time, your first job, or the excitement of an allowance. It could be the thrill of spending a hard-earned dollar on something at the gas station or the stress of parents fighting over finances....
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Worried about the Next Recession? Look for Opportunity Instead

Water all around the world is lower than it used to be, and amazing discoveries are being made. Check out this graphic from Statista to see just a few of the miraculous and macabre history being uncovered! Recent history for investing Sometimes, when we look at the past, we get nostalgic. We think, “Life was...
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