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Thankfulness and Financial Planning

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I used to say it was because the family comes together without the stress of “gift giving” and with a whole lot of food. I am not the world’s best cook, but I’m a very good eater—and dish washer! Thankfulness is gaining popularity, or at least it seems...
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Saving for Retirement VS. Funding Your Child’s Education: What Comes First?

Saving for retirement or your child’s education is an ongoing debate many parents face throughout their lives, but it’s important to strike a balance between your own financial independence and funding your child’s near or long-term future. As children get older, the case for putting their education needs first is compelling—especially considering lifetime earnings potential...
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A Haunting We Will Go – Halloween Markets

Boo. By some measures, equity markets set records for volatility in October. You may have heard in the background at a restaurant, or your club, or on a public speaker somewhere, the markets were crazy. They went up and down, on back to back days, and apparently within the day as well. But you’re not...
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Open Letter to a Lottery Winner

Perhaps you’ve seen recent news about a billion-dollar lottery. and nbsp;This open letter to the lottery winner offers some advice for any of us who suddenly comes into a meaningful amount of money, whether through an inheritance, through a business transaction, or through any other means, including the State’s gambling operations. Dear Lottery Winner, Relax....
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Figure 5 Abilities Are important for good quality of Life in Older Age

What is Important About Money?

What is important about money? Meir Statman says people want to avoid being poor and also want to be rich. Here is a chart summarizing research from the Kaiser Foundation. It lines up perfectly with my experience as I help a small number of successful families align their money with their meaning People most readily...
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Keep Your Hands Firmly on the Data

“Keep your hands firmly on the data,” says Dr. Tom Howard, our chief equity investment manager. Well, the data keeps pouring in. Here is some research based on a survey released from the CFP® Board: CFP® professionals act as partners, navigators, and counselors to the consumers who work with them. Their customers describe them as...
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Keep in Mind These Lessons from the 2008 Financial Crisis

October 3rd was and nbsp;World Financial Planning Day, and we’ve recently marked the 10th anniversary of the financial crisis. As we reflect on the past ten years, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your financial strategy and make sure you’re avoiding the personal finance mistakes made a decade ago Follow this check-list of best...
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Determinants of Real life Financial Success

What’s the Biggest Determinant of Financial Success?

Just today, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal that reminded me of our speaker at last week’s lunch and learn, Dr. Howard. Today’s article is called“A Better Way to Think about Portfolio Rebalancing,” and nbsp;by Meir Statman. Mr. Statman says “risk isn’t about volatility; it’s about not satisfying wants.” What could be...
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Welcome to the Youngest Member of Our Team

Our team is growing, so to speak!Please join us in congratulating Ashley and Dan Neumann on the birth of their little girl.Taylor Sue arrived yesterday at 3:15 pm.Congratulations to proud parents Ashley and Dan!
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