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Tax Harvesting Essential Information

If you are interested in how to make lemonade out of lemons, consider talking to your financial planner at A&I about tax harvesting. In many cases, you can offset your gains and save taxes. Importantly, if you have even more losses than taxable gains, you could offset up to $3,000 of income from any source...
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Where do Retirees Really Spend their Money?

Retirees spend money in surprising ways! At a recent lunch and learn, we discussed spending in retirement. Many of us go into retirement hoping to enjoy life, traveling, planning on a life of leisure. You may be surprised at where retirees are actually spending their money! Listen to an expert and see the statistics on...
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Life Planning

Regrets of the Dying

Halloween is here! Let’s make it real. Here are The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, written by Bronnie Ware in 2009.  Our friend Annalee Kruger has spent more than 30 years as a professional caregiver and is now an instructor to caregivers, as well as financial planners like me. Regrets of the dying: I...
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Aging plan, end of life plan and estate plan

3 plans we need as we age video

We discuss the three plans everyone needs as we age. 1, a plan for our health, wellness and care. 2, a plan for our end-of-life. 3. An estate plan. Learn ways to improve care, expand your options and empower everyone to achieve “aging on your own terms.”
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An Aging Plan to Live Life to the Fullest

Recently, we discussed the surprising statistics surrounding the costs of healthcare in retirement. Check out the recording, here: Healthcare Costs in Retirement On October 26th, special guest Vanessa Johnston will discuss end of life planning. Learn all about your options from a caring, and engaging expert at our The 3 Plans We Need as We...
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Episode 88: Family as an Asset Class Part 2

Family is an Asset Join Nathan Merrill and Jeff Krommendyk as they continue their interview with a special guest who discusses how family is an asset. We can diversify our money, as well as everything that means the most to us.
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Elder Care

Aging and the Increasing Costs of Healthcare

In our most recent Lunch and Learn, Ryan from Transamerica taught us about the increasing costs of Healthcare in Retirement. One slide in particular took our breath away. Here is an image of that slide: Click the link to jump to Ryan’s presentation on Healthcare Cost Estimates . Today’s 55 year-old is likely to spend...
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Stanford’s Working for Life

You may live to 100. In fact, a researcher at Stanford predicts that someone alive today may live to 200! Stanford University Center on Longevity suggests that we need to continue WORKING for the rest of our lives! Yes, I said working. People need to feel needed. Stanford’s research summary is full of diagrams and...
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Estate Planning in Colorado: Preserving Wealth for Future Generations

Estate planning is not merely a financial task; it’s a heartfelt endeavor to ensure your hard-earned wealth benefits are passed on to your loved ones for generations to come. In the Centennial State of Colorado, understanding the nuances of estate planning is crucial to navigate the state’s laws and regulations effectively. In this comprehensive guide,...
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