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How to Find Joy in Tough Times

Recently, Shelly Slocum spoke to us about ways to overcome life’s challenges. The author of Love and Inspiration from Mom, Shelly provides insight and experience you or someone you love may find helpful (you can see our recording of the event here!). Shelly is a cancer survivor and mother who helped her daughter survive her...
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The Future of Investing is International

Some of the Best Parts of Our Future May be in International Investments Last week, we hosted a Lunch & Learn about international investments. Our speaker, Roger Bianco from Capital Group, offers some timely and timeless advice. Where does the company earn its returns? Think about where the companies sell their products, not just where...
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The Best Thing For Well-being In Retirement

With the end of the U.S. Open also came the end of Serena Williams’ career. She secures her place in history as one of the greatest athletes of all time, retiring with 73 career titles won over 25 years. As Serena notes in a letter explaining her decision to retire, tennis has been her entire...
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6 Student Loan Forgiveness Questions, Answered

When student loan payments were paused in March 2020, many people wondered what would ultimately become of their debt. Now, almost three years later, the White House has announced a plan of to forgive many student loans. Now that things are getting into motion, people who attended college (and their loved ones!) suddenly have very...
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The Investment Opportunities of Inflation

“To reduce inflation, you have to squash the perception that we are going to have it.” – Eddy Vataru, Osterweiss Inflation is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we believe prices will be higher, then producers keep prices higher, and this positive cycle continues. Some related services we provide: Investment Advice Tax and Estate Planning Tax Optimization...
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Shelly Slocum and her book, Love and Inspiration from Mom

Love and Inspiration from Mom, with author Shelly Slocum

On August 30th, join Shelly Slocum, author of Love and Inspiration from Mom, in our office or via Zoom. We will get some uplifting and fun insights into overcoming challenges in life. Shelly Slocum faced a huge challenge when her daughter went through a series of devastating, traumatic events. Shelly combined her love of self-help...
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How to Help Your Loved One Finish Strong

Read this Periscope for a quick introduction to the Lunch & Learn given by Kim Callinan, President of Compassion and Choices and national expert on how to create an elegant and dignified end-of-life plan. If you allow your loved ones to avoid a conversation about their end-of-life plan, you are making their journey more difficult...
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3 ½ Ways to Make Your Investment Experience Easier

This week, I have some tips for our clients to make your investment experience a little less painful while the investment world goes through turmoil. 1. Go Mobile The first way to make your investment experience easier is to access your accounts, financial plans, and get in contact with your financial planner – all of...
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End-of-Life Planning and You

Planning a dignified end of life is key. At our last Lunch & Learn, Kim Callinan, president of Compassion and Choices and national expert on end-of-life planning, explained her best methods for planning this unique phase of life. Watch the session below (and scroll down for a free resource!).   Kim is an end-of-life doula....
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