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Family Financial Album

Nearly 20 years ago, Cameron Morgan took the lead at our firm to implement a whole lot of good ideas we had floating around about how to get your financial life organized. She integrated them in a three-ring binder. With only a little bit of help from the rest of us, the Family Financial Album...
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My Forecast: The Next 10 Years

Read this Periscope to learn 10 trends we see over the next 10 years. I wrote this before the Covid-19 Pandemic, and I’ve been holding off sending it because I wanted to see if the pandemic changed them. But it did not. This time, it is not different after all…Send me a note or call...
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Annie Duke

Welcome Back During Covid19

We are open for business! If you’d like to visit us, we’d love to see you. Watch this 1 ½ minute video with Chad and Bret explaining how we are keeping you and our team safe during the Covid 19 pandemic. Disaster PlanningWhen we created the disaster recovery plans for our company, we thought about...
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5 Thoughts for Cinco de Mayo

Here are five thoughts for Cinco de Mayo as you plan your year and think about the years ahead. 7 minutes with Warren Buffett Speaking of value, investment strategies Is this the best opportunity since 2008? Or is it since 1999? And finally, you can now choose a monthly Periscope instead of a weekly one,...
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Planning for Tomorrow, Today

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent us home and it’s time for Spring Cleaning! Financially-speaking, it’s a good time to plan. Talk to your wealth manager for a free financial planning kit. And, if you’ve a friend who’s lost a job, consider forwarding this to them and we’ll offer them a free initial consultation. How long...
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Party like it’s 1983

We have a lot of great charts and graphics in this Periscope—perfect to share with a friend! Happy earth day! Your US government stimulus checks are in the mail! Should we party like it’s 1983? Why 1983? Stocks are cheaper, relative to treasuries, than they have been since 1983. What this is telling you, is...
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Stay Alert

Coronavirus Scams

Personal security is a big deal for all of us, especially in a time of Covid-19. The crooks are out in cyberspace looking for ways to pickpocket our life savings, without us ever leaving our homes. I’ll give a little advice about emails, phone calls, computers and other internet devices that can help protect us....
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Investing during the pandemic

We are all learning to adapt to our new lifestyle now that all of the A&I Financial team members are working at home. This week, I thought I’d share a few thoughts about equities, discuss one Covid-19 forecast and conclude with what I think all of us can do about it—which is talk with our...
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CARES Act and what’s in it for you

Who cares about last Friday’s CARES Act? We have a lot to cover in this Periscope with the changes from Friday’s huge legislation. These include: and nbsp; No RMDs from retirement accounts in 2020 A new $300 charitable deduction Unlimited charitable deduction possibilities Covid-19 victims may make distributions and loans from retirement accounts Potentially big...
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