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Our number one request from clients is that E*TRADE Advisor Services, and all the investment companies we work with, send us less paper. This problem can be solved, and we are making a major initiative at our firm to help you do so. The first step needs to be taken by you, however. No advisor or client care team member can click the buttons for you. Click the video below to see a 2-minute instructional video with easy-to-follow instructions.

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As soon as you “go paperless” with E*TRADE Advisor Services, please send us an email or give us a call. We’ll start tracking it for you. Anytime you receive a paper document, please send us a note. If you include a photograph or scan a copy of the paper document, then we’ll contact the company and make another, more persuasive, request to go paperless on your behalf.

There are countless reasons companies send paper documents, and perhaps way back in the nether reaches of their companies it has something to do with your safety and protection. However, usually it has to do with a maze of different computer systems, databases, and human error coordinating all of these complexities. For example, E*TRADE uses a third-party vendor, the mutual fund/equity/bond company uses a third party vendor, and so already you can see four companies have to be coordinated to stop a single paper statement. Thus, your patience and persistence is greatly appreciated!

Again, direct all your paperless requests to your team at A and amp;I and we’ll take care of the work after that. and nbsp;

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