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Many Colorado natives grew up with the saying, “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” We have certainly seen some dramatic weather events in the last few days. and nbsp;You golfers may have recognized the Blackstone Country Club on the News and nbsp;Sunday and nbsp;night, having survived a tornado. Our family was on top of Berthoud Pass, near and nbsp;5PM Sunday and nbsp;night, in a white-out blizzard. Don’t suppose any late bicyclists finished the first day of the Ride the Rockies. And a tornado at 10,000 feet, in Fairplay? Sounds like an unbelievable episode of South Park, not the nightly news.
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We cannot control or (accurately) predict the weather, but we can plan for a range of events and be prepared. In other words, the act of planning itself helps us feel better, and it improves our outcomes. and nbsp;Financial preparedness is paramount to your success as an investor. and nbsp;If you feel uncertain, go back to what you can control. Go back to your personal financial plan.
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Your personal plan determines everything you have invested, not the other way around. If you plan to earn some sort of return, you are planning to fail. None of us can control the outcomes, only the “inputs,” so to speak. Determine your budget. Determine what means the most to you. and nbsp;Determine the timing of your large expenditures and your meaningful financial activities – as much as possible – and avoid timing anything else. After all, emergencies like quarter-size hail happen, upon occasion, to the hoods of our cars!
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Our team has fantastic technology. We have fantastic guides. If you ask, we will help you put together that financial plan. The long-form budget sheet is 42 pages, the short form is a handful of questions. If you like the web site–great! We’ll make a personal financial planning web site, just for you! and nbsp;
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Take the next step to get that budget and financial plan in place. Then, we can help make sure all of your investments are aligned with your goals. and nbsp;We are here to be your financial advocate and guide, and we are here to help you succeed!
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