Is it time to prepare for a bear?

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The US markets are experiencing the second longest bull market on record. While it’s tempting to forget the bad times during this extended period of economic growth, consider taking a few steps to make sure you have a handle on your finances. and nbsp;That way, you’ll be significantly decreasing the likelihood of any surprises if and when the market changes. and nbsp;

To get started, here’s a checklist to follow:

  • Revisit/Create Your Financial Plan: As flight attendants remind us, “items may have shifted during flight.” The same goes for your financial plan—hopefully for the better, but regardless, right after tax season is a good time to update your game plan.

  • Maintain a Healthy Emergency Reserve Fund: For those still working, maintain 6 to 12 months of expenses (12 to 24 months for retirees) in a safe, liquid account.

  • Pay Down Debt: There’s nothing like a recession and bear market to expose the dangers of carrying too much debt.

  • Maintain a Diversified Portfolio: …and don’t forget to contact your financial advisor if your financial situation has changed. Talk to us about any changes to your risk tolerance and goals so that we can evaluate your asset allocation.

Give us a call to set up a meeting. Now is a good time to review your current financial plan and investment portfolio, evaluate current debt, and check on your emergency fund.

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