There are no facts about the future

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Last week, we visited with our colleagues at Geneos Wealth Management, many of whom are our friends and trusted colleagues providing retirement and financial planning advice to wonderful folks, like you.


The A and amp; I Financial Services team takes in a moment of sunshine at the Geneos Wealth Management annual training conference.

We heard from economists and experts and statisticians and regulators, and I thought it was helpful. A funny thought came to me, as I left, and I found that my friend, and dare I say mentor, Nick Murray thought the same and said it better:

There are no facts about the future.

In the accompanying essay for the email readers, you’ll find he clarifies a point that we all must consider about our equity investments. As we consider investing in companies that may pay dividends, it’s important to remember that it’s not just the dividends that may provide us income. Indeed, stock price appreciation may also occur when a company decides not to pay a dividend.

None of us know the future. But by investing in a diverse pool of companies in the USA and the world, we are betting that more of us will be closer to right than wrong. History is on our side. As Mr. Murray says in and nbsp;this essay, dividends and equities have grown in the past at rates much faster than the cost of living

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