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We are rolling out our new software with great results. Free to you and your friends and family, go ahead and share this link. You’ll learn more about yourself, your ability to take financial risks, and your likelihood of success. The questions are simple and take you just a few minutes. Riskalyze

The rewards are infinite when the costs are free. But the biggest reward comes with the conversation you have with your financial advisor after you’ve taken this online quiz. So go ahead, click away. And share it with someone!

The warning you’ve heard and seen many times understate the risk: past performance is not indicative of future performance. “Past performance can negatively affect future performance.” Dr. David Kelly, JP Morgan Chief Economist told a select group of investment advisors last week.

Look, we are not doomsayers here at AIFS. In fact, we are quite optimistic about the USA, the world, and possibly some of the best companies in the world and the USA, in which we have invested your wealth. But we are realists. This is as good as it gets. Right now. You’re living in the best of times!

If you don’t feel great right now, how will you feel when things cool off and we have another, normal, temporary 15% decline in the stock market?

Think of this month’s Periscope series as your check engine light. It is blinking. Your car is running great but it’s time to take it in to the shop and get prepared for colder weather ahead.

Take the quiz. Move the scary slide bar over and reveal what happens to your wealth during a normal stock market decline. Email us. Call us. Let’s talk about it. We will not know when this is going to happen until it has happened. We can use today to get ready.

In other news, Social Security Income recipients get a 2% raise next year. Even if the Federal Reserve says we don’t have inflation, retirees will see a small bump. This increase, by the way, is below the long-term average annual increase but (hopefully) feels good! After all, we’ve had a few years with a ZERO inflation bump. 2018 Soical Security increase

And, for Coloradoans, the economic news just keeps getting better. Over the past twelve months, more than one hundred thousand new businesses started up! Employment is up, and getting better! Read More

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