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You will soon receive your tax statements, if you have not already, from 2013. Almost every employed person will pay more in their payroll taxes for 2013 than they did in the prior years because of the expiration of a 2% per year benefit. Additionally, tax rates went up for many folks on long-term capital gains, on Medicare, among other tax increases.

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Amateur hour is over, as I say in my book, and nbsp;Go Tax Free. and nbsp;Complexity is on an up-trend; the longer we live, the more complex the world becomes. Additionally, time is decreasing resource; as we age, we value our time more than ever.

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In fact, at A and amp;I Financial Services, we say time is scarce and money has no limit.

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There is no limit to the amount of money we can make, earn or grow. We may put artificial limits on this-and we all make choices to maximize assets other than just the financial. Time, however, is out of our hands. It is an unknown, scarce resource. Money itself is a resource best used to maximize those other assets. It is used to increase the time we spend doing things we find interesting, with people we love, and with a purpose we are passionate about.

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Many of us would like more choice and control over their taxes; the book provides 17 good ways to do just that. As the trend towards higher taxation continues, you and/or someone you know may find that a good short read sparks some action that could better align your money with your values, and save you a lot of time and hassle too.

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