Episode 83 – A Good Inheritor of Wealth

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Episode Summary

August 15, 2023 | 00:26:18 | E83

A Good Inheritor of WealthNathan Merrill and Karl Frank, CFP discuss how to prepare an inheritor of wealth. Building off previous podcasts, we discuss some practical and fun actions we can take to help the next generations become the best versions of themselves they can be.Like training your kids to be good at golf, do you want them to start learning to play golf when young or old? Young!Similarly, do you want to prepare your heirs for their inheritance when they are young or old? Young!Financial education is important.Values, stories, ethics–these are more important than financial education to prepare your heirs.Think about the items, the symbols, in your family. Learn how to turn them into a catalyst for creating a multi-generational legacy.Native peoples have oral traditions that we can learn from.Learn how to help the future generations you will never meet, and help them understand your ancestors’ stories as well.In this podcast, we discuss previous podcasts about estate planning. Make sure to listen to them! Importantly, the expert team offers a free discovery meeting. Contact any one of us at www.expertnetworkteam.com or email info@expertnetworkteam.com