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Skiing is the only sport where you spend an arm and a leg to break an arm and a leg.
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Karl and Stacey Frank are active supporters of Rocky Mountain Freestyle and love working with parents of athletes! 

How do I pay for college without robbing retirement?

I want to an unbiased expert opinion about investments, including real estate.

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  • Financial planning for life transitions

    Life Transitions

    We understand life transitions often come hand-in-hand with a sudden change in finances.
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    Women’s Wealth and Wellness

    Women have unique financial needs in different life stages, from accumulating wealth to retiring, to widowhood.
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    Long-term, real-life financial success begins with a plan. Our advisors can help you chart a legacy measured by generations of success. Our clients benefit from an expert team of professionals.
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    Business Owners and Executives

    Small business owners, we speak your language! We help you maximize your financial return, minimize your tax liability, plan for your exit from the business, and mitigate risk. Our exclusive process and team of experts simplify your life and let you sleep soundly.

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We provide up to three free consultations at no obligation. Learn more about our process and our promise. Choose from a team of financial planners. Make sure to tell them Rocky Mountain Freestyle sent you.

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Client Stories

Client stories included on this website reflect hypothetical client situations that represent
those commonly encountered by AIWM representatives, they do not reflect actual client relationships.
Parents with a Plan

Mike and Kate came to us having just turned 50. They had enrolled both of their sons in a local private high school that aligned with their values and goals for their sons. However, high school tuition cost more than they’d expected; their sensible money habits left them ineligible for much aid there. Now the money they’d set aside from the sale of a rental property was being depleted, and the boys hadn’t even started college yet!

Fortunately, Mike and his employers had been contributing to his 401k plans for three decades, and it showed. The couple realized they could ease up on their retirement savings for the next six to eight years without jeopardizing their financial security. They navigated the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), then started adjusting their family balance sheet in tax-efficient and aid-favorable ways. We helped them establish accounts in alignment with their goals.  We also encouraged the family to keep an open mind about the schools on their son’s list, once he’d been accepted.

They were able to appeal the financial award from their son’s dream school, which came back with a better offer. Initially dismissed as ‘too expensive,’ that school’s additional financial awards brought it within their family’s four-year college budget. Off he goes … We’re almost as excited as Mike and Kate!

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