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GO TAX FREE gives readers of all backgrounds a clear, specific action plan for obtaining the maximum allowable control over when and how they pay taxes, and most importantly how much they hand over to the government each year.


"This book is a toolbox, not a hammer,"
writes Frank in the introduction. What this means is that GO TAX FREE is not a tunnel-vision program tailored to one specific use, but rather an assortment of tools and strategies that anyone can select from—ideally with the help of a trusted financial professional—to mitigate the challenges and maximize the strengths unique to their finances.

More insights in GO TAX FREE include:

  • Specific pros and cons for each strategy.
  • How to avoid the $600,000 mistake made by many $100,000 investors.
  • Quick-reference appendices that chart which strategies are high-risk vs. low-risk, long-term vs. short-term, and best for employed vs. unemployed taxpayers.
  • How to opt out of the government’s costly plan for paying for unfunded Social Security.
  • The questions you need to ask a financial planning professional to determine if he or she is the right one for you and your future.

Kindle and hardback versions are available on Amazon.com


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