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Learn how we help to reduce the risks you face and make educated decisions about ways to protect your wealth.

“There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending.”



Vladislav Tretiak


Asset protection is like being a goal-tender. Our process for asset protection and risk reduction helps you and your loved ones:

  • Protect your financial assets
  • Protect your property
  • Protect your confidential information
  • Enhance your personal security

The Stats about Personal Security

The stats on personal security are interesting–and scary!

Cyber attacks daily
  • 4,000 cyber security crimes happen each day from over 75 million daily attempts (AllCovered, March 2021).
American tourists
  • 9% of American tourists have had their identity stolen, and another 21% know someone who has (Statista Jun, 2014).
Personal safety
  • 24% of high net worth individuals are concerned about personal security and safety (Statista Jan, 2016).

Greater Personal Confidence

We employ several strategies to help increase our clients’ personal security.

Protect your

Financial Assets

Learn how we use legal and insurance resources to protect your financial assets from litigation and other risks.

Protect your


We help guard your home, business and other property with the help of our insurance and security experts.

Protect your

Confidential Information

Protect your private information from people who could cause you financial harm.

Protect your

Personal Security

We help provide educational courses for our clients, help create a plan for your family in case of a crisis, and meet your insurance needs.

The risks increase and opportunities decrease

As time passes

As we age, risks increase and opportunities decrease. 

Advice from Our Independent Experts

We connect our clients with experts in many areas that protect our assets, our identity, our financial assets, and other property. Learn more through our podcasts, videos and blog posts.

Listen to one of our


Expert Network Team
Watch one of our


Personal security and threat resistance for the international traveler

Dementia 101: Reducing Your Risk

Read one of our

Blog Posts

Asset Protection for Business Owners

Business owners have a target on their backs when it comes to asset protection. We pull together our team of experts to help mitigate these risks. Here are a few of our recent educational efforts.

Expert Network Team


Expert Network Team

Other Services We Provide

For tax and estate planning and more

Our experienced team uses tax strategies to give you more choice and control over when and how much you pay in taxes.

Tax and Estate Planning Advice
Tax Efficient Distribution of Wealth

We help protect wealth across generations for clients, especially by mitigating taxes.

Make an impact beyond your family, helping our community and the world at large.

Wealth Transfer

Be sure your financial assets, values, stories and more transfer to the people and causes you care about. Minimize taxes and other costs.

Learn about different types of trusts we may establish to protect you and your family.

Setting up Trusts
Our Process Our Promise

Learn about different ways to maximize your Social Security benefits and avoid costly mistakes.

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