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We launched the Green Initiative at AIFS on Earth Day, 2019. If we can do no harm, and help the world around us, then the decision is just good business. But more than that, we believe we can improve our client experience. The green initiative starts by going paperless for all your statements. For some clients, it means turning your investments into your voice and making investment decisions that include environmental, social and corporate governance decisions. And our initiative continues by our company continually improving, adopting new technology to help us further live the values we promote. The green initiative goes up and down and sideways throughout our company culture here at AIFS. If you’d like to learn more, and/or if you have ideas to share with us, I invite you to speak with anyone at the company, at any time!

Let's Go Paperless!

Our core values are in alignment with providing our clients an exceptional experience and conserving natural resources. We encourage you to go paperless and receive documents electronically. Click these links to make it happen!

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Help us help you

Unfortunately, sometimes the various investment partners we work with provide an inconsistent paperless experience. If you ever receive paper documents that you don’t want, please contact us. We may request that you take a photo of the envelope and/or first page, or ask that you just bring in the documents at our next Regular Progress Review. We’ll contact the investment companies and take it from there. Together, we can make a difference!

Electronic documents, personal conversations

We know our clients and love to talk with you, either in-person or on the phone. Many of the investment documents you receive are not specific to you, nor are they particularly helpful for your unique financial plans. Just because you’re choosing to go electronic does not mean less communication. It means you’d like to focus on the documents that are most specific to you—namely your financial plan.

Your investments are your voice

For some clients, going paperless is just the start. If you’re interested in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, please contact your wealth manager. We have a dedicated team of investment consultants selecting companies with social considerations as their primary directive. You’ll likely learn a lot and gain the satisfaction of investing in alignment with your values. Contact your wealth manager!


A&I Social Considerations Investments

Commonly called ESG (Environmental, Social and corporate Governance) investing, our SC investments incorporate both financial and non-financial factors.

We invest in companies that are attractive both from a fundamental perspective (e.g., earnings growth, valuations, return potential, and more), combined with those companies who are also best in class when it comes to their impact on the environment, society, their employees, and more. We believe our integrated approach, combining both financial and non-financial factors, improves the overall quality of investments and rewards those businesses that are better stewards of society’s shared resources.

Perhaps the biggest difference between our SC investments and other ESG options in the marketplace is the due diligence of our research team. After years of exhaustive research from our research partners, we are confident these portfolios have the potential to remain strategy-consistent and act with high conviction—the factors that all of our research partners agree make a difference.

Our goal is to optimize investment performance while doing good in our SC models. Many other companies providing SC investments are based on specific ethical guidelines, such as religion, personal values, or political beliefs. Often, this involves making a trade-off between ethical values and financial returns. Our approach is to be less restrictive, but also to focus our investments on those companies with strong environmental, social and corporate governance characteristics. We believe that by doing so it can lead to better outcomes over time.

Contact your wealth manager to learn more!

All investment strategies involve risk, including ESG strategies such as Social Considerations Investments. There is no assurance that any investment strategy will be successful or generate a profitable portfolio.

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