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Coronavirus and what we’re doing about it

We’ve three topics herein. What we’re doing in our office, what we’re doing with our investments, and some perspective on the Coronavirus situation today. Let’s go in opposite order.

Our perspective: track the virus, not the stocks
We’ve assuredly never felt the world-wide fear that we are experiencing now, at least as quickly as we are feeling it. This virus is fast-moving and is already as widespread as were many other pandemics at their peak. The speed is different but the virus, and possible casualties, are assuredly not unheard of. We’ve beaten back the higher mortality rates of many other illnesses. Both H1N1 (Swine Flu) and SARS we survived. On a scale I’ve not seen before, governments and private sector companies are cooperating. For every cause of pessimism, another reason for optimism arises. Government can’t provide testing kits? Suddenly we relax government regulations and get quick approvals. Can’t handle travel? Companies deliver new solutions. Not enough beds? Creative companies and government organizations provide innovative remote solutions. Can’t work? Suddenly companies have work-at-home policies—like the one I outline for our company at the end of this Periscope.

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Three Ideas To Keep Coronavirus in Perspective

"2020 stinks. I broke both my legs, the world came down with Coronavirus, and Kobe died!" Henry Frank

Coronavirus fears are causing what may feel like unusually stressful times. Perhaps some perspective helps.

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