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Validation! The stock market declines!


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Want Less Risk, Buy More Stocks!

A recent article in the Journal for Financial Planning written by a colleague of mine in the Financial Planning Association, Wade Pfau, makes an absolutely astonishing claim: As you age, you should put more of your money in the stock market.

Two weeks from now, you will hear our stock analyst team, lead by Dr. Tom Howard, tell you that he has all of his money in the stock market, and he has a 50 year time horizon, and he has as many years under his belt as anyone you might think is already retired.

What are these people thinking? 

Put more money in the stock market as we age?

Our Lunch and Learn is already almost full, so if you'd like to sign up for the event and hear it from Dr. Howard himself, move fast! For the rest of us, let me give you a brief glimpse of the logic.

Early returns determine a lot of your success. As we go into retirement, we like stability and safety. Yet, as we life, inflation eats up a lot of our purchasing power! The only asset class that has consistently beaten inflation is stocks. So, increasing your allocation from a fairly balanced (or even a fairly conservative) portfolio to one that is mostly stocks in your later years--as in over the age of 80--is a good decision! 

So claim the academics, such as Wafe Pfau. So what should you do?

Talk to your advisor. We have copies of Dr. Pfau's research, plus more, here at the office. Ask a lot of questions. Make sure you take less risk over the duration of the years ahead of you. . . and not just today.

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