10 Year-End Tax Tips

Last week's Lunch & Learn for clients showcased three of the best and brightest wealth managers at A&I Financial Services LLC: 
Chad Harmon, Cameron Morgan, and Clayton Shearer. They whipped through a Top 10 Year-End Tax Tips list and answered serious questions from a sharp audience who packed the house. Here's a rundown of the list*. Make sure to e-mail or call your advisor if one of these seems right for you and you've not already taken action!

1.Understand fundamental truths about taxes
2.Tax harvesting
3.Consider a Roth IRA
4.Go tax-free at work
5.Go tax-free a little at a time
6.Go tax-free if your spouse doesn't work
7.Go tax-free after New Year's Eve
8.Health Savings Account (HSA) distributions
9.529 contributions

*Our advisors are not CPAs or accountants. The tax information is taken from sources believed to be reliable as of the date presented. Always consult your own tax accountant, CPA,or the IRS website before taking any actions that may result in tax consequences.

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