7 Recent Stock Market Crashes

Most Americans will need to use their investments to make it through their years on earth. And statistics show that we have, on average, about 30 years or more of living after we're done with our primary careers. To make it this long, we need to have a lot of money saved in investments that outpace inflation.

Last week, we looked at a couple who chose to invest in dividend-paying stocks. This week, let's look at how that would have fared for them, had they retired about 30 years ago.

Over this stretch of time, the stock market average intra-year decline was 14%. Ouch.

Over this stretch of time, the stock market experienced seven bear markets when it lost more than 20%. Most of us remember the dot-com bust and who could forget 2008?

How did these investments perform? Nick Murray describes in detail the situations around each of the crashes and sums up the S&P500 quite nicely in the attached piece (please e-mail margo@assetsandincome.com for the PDF; we are not permitted to post it online).

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