This week, we feature an article published in Market Watch by Cameron Morgan, a Wealth Manager at A & I Financial Services. Read "A Realty Self-Check for Investors" below to learn more about the way that behavior affects investment outcomes. "You stay up-to-date on current economic and financial thinking, and carefully weigh investment choices in comparison to each other. You've scrubbed your monthly budget and have sketched out both short-and long-term spending plans for your household. You're minimizing your income taxes over your lifetime, not just this year. Additionally, you've protected yourself from litigation and unnecessary expense. Last but not least, you've established a legacy plan for college funding, charitable giving, and other long-term financial wishes. All-in-all, you feel capable and competent at managing your family's financial present and future." "But have you considered one of the biggest obstacles to preserving your wealth?" Visit to read the entire article.