Amazing Aging Expo

This Saturday, the Denver Post and other organizations are putting on the Amazing Aging Expo at the Marriott DTC. Visit the web site here.

I live in a world of constant amazement.

We have the best jobs in the world, perhaps, next to delivering babies (maybe). The stories we learn and the experiences we have as financial advisors give us insight into the relationships people have with their money.

Have you ever had a disagreement about money? Or, more accurately, how many of your most recent unpleasant conversations surround money?

Money decisions can elicit a complex set of emotions. These can be caused by relationships with people that may have died years ago. I remember when dad (or mom or NAME) said. . . and I felt . . . now I feel the same way. Does this mean I should act the same as dad (or whomever)?

Never underestimate these feelings and their capacity to lead you astray from your true values, goals and aspirations. Sometimes, the best financial plan starts with a healthy conversation with yourself.

Remember, it's not about how much you earn but how much you keep at the end of the day. When making financial decisions, think about these three essentials:

1. Spend less.

2. Save more.

3. Make informed decisions.

As financial advisors, we are here to help you with all three.


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