Amazing Aging: Save as Much as You Can

The keys to creating great wealth are the same today as they were in the near, and distant, past. Let's look at the first of three, maybe four, absolutes this month:


Here is an astronomical fact. A 45 year old who spends $1,000 may be taking away more than $15,000 from the 75 year old he is becoming.

Put another way, a 30 year old who saves $1,000 per month will have the same, or more, in her investment account at age 70 than a 60 year old who invests $10,000 per month. Look at the following chart:


The results become more dramatic when they invest in the stock market, with 10% long-term average expected returns.

Age Today 30 60
Monthly Savings $1,000 $10,000
Age in Future 70 70
Rate of return 5% 5%
Future value $1,526,020 $1,552,823


That's more than a $4 million dollar decision not to invest for your future that your 30-year-old friends, children, neighbors are making.

Age Today 30 60
Monthly Savings $1,000 $10,000
Age in Future 70 70
Rate of return 10% 10%
Future value $6,324,080 $2,048,450

But it's not the real truth. In fact, the 60 year olds are not likely to invest in the stock market because they are afraid of the market declining. So they invest in something like the 5% investment before mentioned, and they give up $4,771,257.

Next week, another paradigm shift. . . making up for lost time by investing periodically.

Come see Karl Frank speak at the Amazing Aging Expo on September 6th at 1PM. Sponsored by the Denver Post, this is a big event!

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