Are You Retirement-Ready?

Cameron Morgan, wealth manager with A&I Financial Services, is a regular contributor to This week, let's look at what she just published.

"Step back. Look at the relationship between your earned income (if any), your savings (tax-deferred or not), and your spending (fixed and variable)," advises Cameron.

Of course we cannot use either a simple nor complex software program to do real-life financial planning. Your financial situation today may be completely different than it will be just a few years from now, let alone the entirety of our lives.

Cameron writes about the tool we use in our firm we call an "asset snapshot" and lays out, for everyone in broad strokes, some powerful planning pointers.

We want to get the tax picture right. Tax-time is a good opportunity to get serious. Paying attention to how much we spend on our taxes, and where it is going, is not (just) an exercise in frustration. We all want a little more choice and control over how much we spend. The "asset snapshot" is a clear and concise perspective on where we are today.

From here, with the help of a wealth manager and financial plan, we can make our futures bright!

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