Tuesday is a great day to make a gift. If you're looking for a charity, check out www.coloradogives.org and consider making it on Tuesday, when several organizations have created a $1 million incentive fund. Visit the web site to learn more about how that works.



Here is a Top 10 List for givers, compliments of Michael Donegan, who spoke to our clients a few weeks ago about being smart about charitable giving:

1.Be Proactive In Your Giving
2.Hang Up The Phone / Eliminate The Middleman
3.Be Careful Of Sound-Alike Names
4.Confirm 501(c) (3) Status
5.Check The Charity's Commitment To Accountability & Transparency
6.Obtain Copies Of Its Financial Records
7.Review Executive Compensation
8.Start A Dialogue To Investigate Its Programmatic Results
9.Concentrate Your Giving
10.Share Your Intentions And Make A Long-Term Commitment

To learn more about the tax benefits of charitable giving, contact your wealth manager at A&I Financial Services.