Cyberspace" is not as safe as it needs to be

This week we invited clients to join us to learn more about Cyber Security so I thought today we'd come out of the spookiness and give thanks.

Here are some links for all of our clients. If I had my way, I'd make this movie a required viewing for all of our clients: How Dangerous is Phishing?

As we discussed yesterday, our partners have training programs for our staff to help us protect your confidential information. Here is one from Geneos, our broker dealer: Free Security Awareness Resources

We feel thankful today for our partners who take data protection very seriously. Our technology partners are tasked with keeping our computers and servers and networks up to date. Our broker dealer and custodial partners are leading the way in helping us lock down all our clients' confidential information, keeping it out of harm's way. And, these partners look over each other so that we are not dependent upon any one company--giving us more locks on the door—and helping us protect your information.

We're living in a time when "cyberspace" is not as safe as it needs to be and our governments don't have the ability to "make it so." This journey we're on, as of right now, depends upon all of us to do our parts. Like a chain, we are each a link, and if you (or any one of us) doesn't do our part, we may leave the backyard gate open, so to speak. So consider watching these videos and taking the recommended steps to protect your information!

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