Franco is still dead, Markets are Still Alive

This week, we'll bring in a little levity.  The famous Saturday Night Live skit with Chevy Chase repeats the news, Franco is dead, for years and doesn't grow old. Click here to view the skit.Last week, the market declined a little and I think, somewhere out there, someone panicked. Remember, this is no more newsworthy than Chevy's famous skit!

 2014 12 15 chevy chase


This Just In!
We are honored to announce that Karl Frank will be serving our local communities on behalf of The National Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Board of Standards.

The CFP Board just appointed Karl Frank, CFP® to serve as a CFP Board Ambassador. Karl is one of 50 CFP® professionals throughout the United States serving in this capacity.

"These new CFP Board Ambassadors have demonstrated that they are already serving their local communities by sharing their wealth of talent and expertise in financial planning," said CFP Board CEO Kevin R. Keller, CAE.

The Board chose Karl Frank on the basis of his demonstrated leadership skills, passion for financial planning, and belief in CFP Board's mission to serve the public.

To learn more, click here for the full news release or

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