Free Financial Planning Help for Flood Victims

Several of our clients and their families were hit by the floods. For you, or anyone you know affected by the flooding, we offer free financial planning advice. Contact our office and we'll put you in contact with one of our advisors free of charge.

One of the National Guard pilots on television said that he's currently conducting the largest search and rescue operation since Hurricane Katrina, moving people out of the flooded areas.

While it's too late to get flood insurance, certainly there are things we can all do. The insurance claim is a big one. Your digital camera is your best friend. Keep safe as you inspect all of the items. Remember that it's best to let the professionals return the power to your property as natural gas and electricity could be damaged, and dangerous!

For a list of good ideas from New Jersey - and they know a lot after Hurricane Sandy - visit this web site:

Again, if you know of anyone who may benefit from some financial counseling during these challenging times, please invite them to contact our offices, free of charge.


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