Go Further Into the Woods

Happy New Year!

Let's look at investing from a different perspective today. Last week, we spent the winter break skiing with our two children. Still shoveling snow from your driveways, you Denverites can imagine the mountain snow was good and the temperatures cold. We had two different experiences: one with a guide and one without, and the guided experience was immeasurably better.

My teenage daughter and I broke away for an afternoon run and decided to go into an area full of trees and cliffs in search of untracked snow. We found the cliffs but not enough snow, and I backed us out of there fairly quickly.

The next day, she went into the same woods with her coach. They went further into the woods than I had courage to go, and my daughter reported that the experience was "amazing!"

The cost of the ski coaching program is small compared to the experiences all of us are getting from it. The coach may be not much older than my oldest child, but I know he has more experience, particularly in these parts of the mountain, than I do. I also know that he is a better skier than I am. These factors, plus the program's integrity, character, and enjoyability, help my family go further than we would alone.

Similarly, investing is much easier, and a lot more likely to yield great results, with a coach. I can imagine, as many of you who work with our team, appreciate the integrity, character, and enjoyability of the folks on our team. I know I do. And I know that few things bring greater satisfaction to our team than helping our clients go further, safer, than they thought possible.

Let's make it another great year!

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Happy New Year!

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