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Michael Mink recently interviewed Karl Frank about Go Tax Free and wrote an article in Investor's Business Daily. Here's an excerpt:

Understanding how your tax and investment professional can best serve you comes from learning about what he does. Tips on how to best educate yourself on financial fundamentals:

Listen for clues. The adviser you turn to for help with taxes and financial guidance should initiate questions in order to best help you, beyond trying to sell you on his service. That adviser should want to know about your goals and the needs of the people most important to you, like a child preparing for college.

"An excellent financial professional implements a discovery process," said Karl Frank, author of "Go Tax Free." "You are on a unique voyage, and your guide had better know what sights you want to see along the way. If your financial guide does not know the answers to these questions, then how can he or she help you on the journey?"

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