Instantaneous Everything is the Enemy of Your Investment Portfolio

We live in a world of instantaneous everything. The internet, Twitter, on-demand television and movies, Google, your amazing cell phone. With instantaneous everything now normal, we sometimes lose perspective on the long-term and the important. We sometimes lose our humility. We forget the limits of our knowledge.

This week, let's put recent, short-term investment performance in perspective. Where you stand will determine where you see things going.

If you have enjoyed recent investment performance, you might be surprised to read that some people wonder why recent returns are not greater. If you look at your recent portfolio performance in disappointment, you may benefit from knowing that we relish the opportunity to talk with you further.

Written by our friend, Nick Murray, the Client's Corner article (please e-mail for a copy of the article) will speak with a voice and tone completely different from ours at A&I Financial Services LLC, but the advice he gives is the same. His is the message of every true professional in our industry. Because, ultimately, this message is the plain, unvarnished truth. 

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