Is retirement a bad idea?

First of all, my son's football team won the age 10 AYL Super Bowl last weekend, so the Frank household is celebrating!

Last week, we talked about how difficult it is to discuss money. It's even more difficult to talk about money with our family, particularly if one or more of us are retired and depend upon it completely, for almost everything.

This week, let's find one good way to reduce money stress. Let's go way outside the box. Chuck Blakeman says, "retirement is a bankrupt industrial-age idea." To paraphrase Mr. Blakeman, knowing where you're going and being committed to a purpose enables us to live longer and more happily.

The very idea of retirement implies that we're going to work, work, work. Then, later, if we make it that long, do something that is fun and/or meaningful. Blakeman encourages us to not put off until tomorrow what we can do today. Instead, spend time doing activities that are meaningful and allow us to make money along the way.

Consider one of Benjamin Franklin's famous sayings: "Content makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor."

If you are working toward retirement, are you working towards being content? Satisfied? If you are already retired, are you content?

This founding father might tell you you are already rich. Mr. Franklin also said, "He that's content, hath enough; he that complains, hath too much."

Perhaps retirement is not about up-and-quitting, but about changing our focus, and that starts today. Instead of waiting, we change what we do to accommodate time for work and play and self-reflection. Perhaps "continuement" is the new retirement.

As a post note: Mr. Franklin never really did retire. After selling his business(es), he founded our country. What a perfect thought to carry us through this Thanksgiving season.

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