It's Not Rocket Surgery

After a lifetime of managing rocket scientists, Al and Helen were ready to relax and retire. They told their friend, Catherine, and she asked, "What are you going to do?" Al and Helen didn't have an immediate answer, so Catherine suggested, "My family and I have a guy who helps us with these financial things. He says we're going to be OK. He is down-to-earth; maybe you want to talk to him."

Helen and Al visited with me a few months ago. During our regular discovery meeting, they realized that they likely had everything they needed, financially speaking. It's not "rocket surgery," Al remarks.

Even though he is retiring, Al is invested heavily in stocks.

In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008, analysts and planners and investors are worried that their stock investments are too risky and their fixed income (bond or otherwise) investments pay too little. Al's solution is "To hell with the bonds. Invest in dividend-paying stocks."

Each person's story is as unique as Helen and Al. Your solution may be very different (or similar) in the details (or the grand picture). Take the long view. Have the conversation. And you'll get there.

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