Keep Your Hands Firmly on the Data

“Keep your hands firmly on the data,” says Dr. Tom Howard, our chief equity investment manager.

Well, the data keeps pouring in. Here is some research based on a survey released from the CFP® Board:

  • CFP® professionals act as partners, navigators, and counselors to the consumers who work with them. Their customers describe them as professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
  • A large majority of consumers would prefer to work with a CFP® professional, and those working with a CFP® professional are more satisfied. 
  • Working with a CFP® professional ultimately removes the negativity consumers experience relating to their finances and instead elicits feelings of confidence, optimism, ease, and security.

You might know someone who wants to have a partner, a navigator and a counselor for their financial lives. Consider making an introduction. One way to do that is to bring them to a Lunch and Learn. Another, is just to send us an email.

We offer a second opinion service free of charge for friends and family of our clients. Take advantage of it!

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