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If you have not already done this with your wealth manager, then go ahead and ask him or her about providing you online access to your financial plan. This short video shows you some of the benefits. 

Like we’ve discussed in recent Periscopes, first your goals, then your plan and finally your investments. This is what works to keep us retired with a lifetime of income that provides us independence and dignity.

Well, here is a way to see your financial plans online, anytime. We are bombarded with “news” about things we cannot control, like investments, politics, economics and world affairs. Now you have a way to put all of that in perspective, at home, on your own time, with what that means for your personal financial plan.

We’re not the only ones to use this award-winning software—we think it’s the best software money can buy. But we’re the only ones using it for you. And, for many (if not all) of our clients, we’re the only ones you can talk to about one of the most powerful, and personal, secular forces in the world: your money.

Like we said in last week’s Top 10 list, let’s make it a year where we achieve greater financial freedom and control. One way to do that is to start a conversation about your personal financial plan.

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