Like Snow, the Coming Stock Market Storm

Wait a minute! If we knew it was coming, why was it a surprise?

Monday morning, Denver awoke to a white-out and the highways came to a halt. Kids, at least at my house, stood around shell-shocked. We didn't even know where to find a sweatshirt for my son, let alone a winter coat. The local news had been talking about this storm for days and still, we just couldn't believe it. After all, yesterday was gorgeous, sunny and warm. We've had so many beautiful days, perhaps the weather-forecasters were wrong.

The future is, after all, unknowable. They predict the weather with statistics. Statistics are important for investors as well. When we invest in equities, we likely put the odds on our side.

Like an extended summer, we're experiencing the longest series of months without a stock market decline, perhaps ever. Someone said the other day, in one of the credible publications, we've never had a calendar year without a single negative month, until now. This might be the first time ever, wow!

What do you make of that?

We know it is coming--the end of this incredible rising stock market. It will come crashing down around us and how will we feel when it happens? What will we do?

Here's something you can do--please do it--before the storm falls. Take this test: Riskalyze

It's going to take about five minutes--maybe less--and you'll see what a normal stock market decline means for you. You'll see how a short-term decline in the market makes you feel. And you can call your wealth manager and find out what it means for your long-term financial plans.

Forward this link to your friends. Let them take it. It's kind of fun. It is a conversation-starter with your wealth manager. And it's important to find out whether you've the right clothes in the closet before the coldest day of the year. Are you ready?

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