Mind the G.A.P.

This newsletter is prime for you to forward to your friends who are not working with a professional at A&I Financial Services. We, of course, already mind the G.A.P.
The proliferation of creative investments continues, with the insurance companies taking the lead. Mind the G.A.P. before you decide to choose some sort of a product that promises, perhaps, many things you may not want at all. Here are three red flags and if you see any, or all three, you may want to ask a professional for a second opinion.
G: Guarantees. With all the uncertainty in the world, and looking forward to no less uncertainty, many of us look for the return of our money before we look to the return on our money. Remember that any guarantee must, by definition, be less than what we could earn elsewhere or the company who provides the guarantee may face its own financial hardships. If the salesperson with whom you're speaking is pushing the guarantee more than the investment, then you should seek a second opinion. Today, the investments themselves are so complicated you may need several opinions.
A: Aggressiveness. Any salesperson who is aggressively pushing product is likely not the one with whom you want to work. We are conditioned to buy investments like we buy an automobile, by comparing features and price and haggling. This is not a plan for success. It is a recipe for stress and possible financial ruin. Walk quietly away from the aggressive salesperson for assuredly he/she will not be here when you need a person to talk to most, perhaps years from now, when you come back asking questions about the product that you hoped would answer your financial prayers.
P: Product-pushers. Related to the other two, products are not plans. Plans are not people. The world today is very different than it was even three or four years ago--how will it look in three or four decades? Your planner is the person who can implement something that is changeable as your life, and our world, changes. Likely your planner at A&I Financial Services will be here for decades and our firm will be here, with the same core values intact, for many decades after that. 
Mind the G.A.P. and you'll find all the years ahead of you will follow, more or less, the changeable financial plan you and your professional advisor have laid out for you.
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