No ER for Retirement Emergencies

There is no emergency room for retirement emergencies. You won't see a billboard along the interstate that says, "Only a nine-minute wait." A successful retirement demands more than a few minutes to plan.
As the CEO of NYSE, Duncan Niederauer, said during the "flash crash" of 2010, "We put plans in place when emotions are low and rational thought is in abundance." Although we wish he had planned before the crash some sort of way to avoid it, five years later most of us forgot about the "the worst crash ever." 
What flash crashI just put a hyperlink in this newsletter. Please do not click it. Why would you bother? There is no useful information on the other side of that link--only hyperbole and data.
Why did I insert a useless link? Certainly not because I want you to read it and take action. I shared the "What Flash Crash?" link because when it was happening, we too were scared and frustrated and we didn't know how it would be resolved. Five years later, we still don't know exactly what caused it.
We will never--no matter what--have an ER for financial emergencies. We have only financial plans. Plans that we put into place when we are rational, when emotions are low, when we are in touch with what means the most to us, and when we can help assure that your money is in alignment with your values, goals, and relationships.
If you ever see a billboard or a television advertisement, or anything that promises long-term real-life results can be solved by anything fast, doubt its veracity. Trust your gut. If you haven't done your financial planning, you're likely to feel more financial pain than others. We are here to help you put a long-term plan in place that will help you avoid financial emergencies down the road!
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