Pardon Our Dust

This week's Periscope has a warning, two lunches with exceptional speakers and important news if you have any stock certificates at home or in a safe deposit box.

Warning: we are under construction!

Bring a hard hat! For the first three weeks of June, we are painting and laying down new carpet here at AIFS. So, if you're coming in to visit, pardon our mess! If you want to see the end result, come visit us as early as July!

Two Events in the Next Two Weeks

Because moving everything around is not enough, we've planned two wonderful events over the next two weeks and invite you to join us!

First, at noon on June 13th, we are lucky to secure a worldwide speaker named Jim Foster. Eat lunch at a wonderful steakhouse, Eddie Merlot's, and have a great conversation about seven big financial risks Boomers are facing today. To RSVP for this event, call (303) 690-5070 or e-mail

Second, at 11:30AM on June 20th, at our offices, we'll have the very popular representative from one of our two key research firms here to talk about the investment landscape today. Mike Pacitto from Litman Gregory will discuss our six-step process to investment selection and timely trends and topics. This back-and-forth discussion with you, and Mike and our investment committee members will be entertaining and informative.

No More Paper Stocks and Bonds

Finally, if you or someone you know has a paper copy stock or bond at home, in a safe, in the bank, in a safety deposit box, or anywhere, you likely need to take action. Many brokerage firms and investment companies are moving towards no longer accepting delivery of paper stocks and bonds!

Beginning July 15, two different brokerage companies we use for a handful of our clients will charge more fees and slow down the process of accepting physical securities. If you have a Pershing or Fidelity NFS account, please call your wealth manager to learn the details and see if you are affected.

Now is a great time to continue to own all of your investments "in street name" instead of in paper copy. You'll transfer the investment to an account in your name, and then you'll be able to track your progress like the rest of your investments. We will process these investments for you and give you a consolidated statement, greatly simplifying your life and someday, your estate.

Give a call to your wealth manager about any of these ideas and create another beautiful day!

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Team A & I Honors our Veterans
We were proud to complete the Bolder Boulder 10K in honor of our nation’s veterans. If you want to join team A & I at next year’s Bolder Boulder, please let us know and we’ll include you in our annual tradition.

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