Perspective, Pandemonium, and a Promise

I visited with our guest writer this past Friday in the heart of pandemonium: midtown Manhattan. Nick Murray always brings perspective to the situation we are in today. With 48 years in our industry, few have more real-world experience than Nick.

This week, I will be visiting with many leaders of the Financial Planning Association from around the United States. Right now, as you may have read, the Department of Labor and President of the United States of America are attempting to create a fiduciary standard for investment advisors, like us. What this means is that they want to regulate investment advisors into putting our clients' interests ahead of our own.

At A&I, we put the interests ahead of our clients ahead of our own interests at all times--that is my promise to you.

Enjoy this week's five-minute read (for a PDF of this article, please e-mail margo@assetsandincome, as we are not permitted to post it online) from Mr. Murray. To summarize his point in two sentences--our investors are invested in companies in a free and growing economy. Their value is not the same as their stock prices.

We beseech you to ignore the stock market pandemonium and focus instead on the fundamentals: goal-based, long-range, and sound financial planning.

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