Pointless or Priceless?

Without a purposeful retirement plan, your life may go TILT, like a pinball pointlessly bouncing in different directions.

In contrast, pursuing activities in alignment with your values is priceless. You know the familiar MasterCard commercials, right? They list a series of things and services you can buy with money and then the reason you bought them would be "priceless." For example, buying a blanket, soup, tissues, and medicine with your card all have prices, but "making it all better" is priceless.

We live priceless lives. Knowing the reasons why you have and earn money--and what to do with it in the long run--is priceless to you and our team, as your financial planners, in helping you align your purse and your purpose.

Ask yourself these questions:
* What is important to me about money?
* Is there anything more important than that? Expand on the details of this. Write it down.

Your connection with "priceless" requires an occasional check-in with your heart and soul. Asking deep questions is not a diversion from our mission as your financial planners; it is the best path we know to helping you achieve your goals. We will not measure our mutual success based on the recent (random) investment performance, or against an arbitrary benchmark. Instead, with your help and permission, we'll look at your plan and ask if these investments are in alignment with what means the most to you.

Wealth managers and financial planners can only help as much as you want to be helped. Where else are you going to have this conversation?

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