The key to successful retirement income planning is not how well you do your plan, but the fact that you do have a plan. If you find that your living expenses will one day exceed your anticipated income, then it is time for you and your advisor to develop a new plan. 
On another note, and one that might be of interest to many of you, the leadership of AIFS (read Stacey and I) visited with both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Colorado Division of Insurance last week. We found the SEC very much oriented towards consumer protection.  The outreach program they held for leaders of investment advisory companies in the region delivered useful information, in a time-effective manner, and the speakers exhibited the best traits of professionals.
The Division of Insurance listened to advocates from the financial services industry discuss the potential impact of long-term care insurance rate increases on consumers.  The Division has a "dual mandate" to keep the insurance companies in business at the same time that they protect the consumer. Given the current environment, we believe consumers will likely continue to see increases in existing long-term care insurance policy rates, in spite of our best efforts to put your interests first!