Ringing In the New Year With Optimism

What better way to start off the year than by enjoying an interview with one of the most powerful people in America (with whom I have little in common), Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO at JPMorgan Chase & Co. We have never had a banking relationship with Chase Bank. We do not have a mortgage there. I have only seen Jamie Dimon twice and met him briefly, and he couldn't pick me out of a lineup. But we both share this same passion for future of our country and our investments:

 If you don't have the time for the video, then here are some highlights:


"And Americans don't fully appreciate what I'm about to say. We have peaceful, wonderful neighbors in Canada and Mexico. We have the biggest military barriers ever built, called the Atlantic and the Pacific. We have all the food, water and energy we will ever need. We have the best military on the planet and we will for as long as we have the best economy. And if you're a liberal, listen closely to me on that one. OK, because the Chinese would love to have our economy.

"We have the best universities on the planet. There are great ones elsewhere, but these are the best. We still educate most of the kids who start businesses around the world. We have the rule of law, which is exceptional. If you don't believe me, we can talk about Brazil, Russia...Venezuela, Argentina, China, India. Believe me, it's not quite there.

"We have a magnificent work ethic. We have innovation from the core of our bones. You can ask anyone in the room... it's not just Steve Jobs. We're the widest, deepest financial markets in the world has ever seen.

"I just made a list of these things. It's extraordinary. It's extraordinary. And we have it today."

--JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, in an interview with Carlyle Group CEO David Rubinstein

Nothing else to say to start this year--quite possibly the best ever!

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Happy Holidays from Your Friends at AIFS

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