Survivor Essentials

The dead are rising. Well, not literally, unless you're playing one of the video games that we try to keep our kids away from, Plants vs. Zombies, oh my!

Did you know that after a person dies, we survivors need to take action to protect their credit? Do you know what to do?

With great thanks to Steve Bucci at (9), here are a list of action items.

Start by sending a certified receipt requested letter to the credit bureaus notifying them of the deceased. The bureaus will keep their credit score alive, even after they have passed, for reasons beyond the scope of our Periscope this week.

Here is what they need to receive from you:

  • Copies of papers proving you are the executor or spouse.
  • A certified copy of the death certificate (one with a raised stamp).
  • Full name of the deceased person.
  • Date of birth of deceased.
  • Social Security number of deceased.
  • Most recent address of deceased.
  • Date of deceased's death.
  • Request that a "deceased -- do not issue credit" flag be placed on the credit file due to death.

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