The Holidays are Coming, and so are Tax Changes

The recent proposals to change tax laws affect a lot of different, already complicated, areas of taxation that may affect your lives. Your team at AIFS is presenting a panel of financial planners on November 16th to help you understand the latest changes and how they might affect you. This will be very popular and we'll have to limit the number of attendees, so please RSVP soon.

Near the end of the year, our thoughts turn to the holidays, to family, and to charity. This year, many of you will have capital gains in your portfolios. You might want to talk to your planner about the pros and cons of gifting an investment that has increased in value. From a tax standpoint, this helps in two ways. First, you get the deduction on the value of the investment, and second, you avoid the capital gains tax on the growth that you would have paid had you sold the investment on your own.

Charity, for you, might include your family. Recently, Marla Mason, CFP ® spoke to our clients about Sudden Money. Whether from inheritance, a business liquidity event, a sale of real estate, or some other source, any influx of money that is life changing is challenging for the recipient. Let's have a conversation about how to give money and give meaning--not just give money--so that your intentions are well-received.


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