Teaching Kids the ABCs of Money

This week, Cameron Morgan writes a few words about a good book for parents and grandparents, helping remind us about the importance of money and how to talk about it. Indeed, when our money is in alignment with our values, goals, and relationships, money can be an expression of love. Money can be a way to cheat death when it becomes a meaningful gift that outlives us. One way to achieve this is with education, and an education about money is one of the greatest gifts ever. If we help our children and grandchildren achieve the best educations that they can, we have created a legacy.

Teaching Kids the ABCs of Money
by Cameron Morgan

The oh-so-tangible signs of spring are finally upon us, with bright flowers, gray rainstorms, graduation parties, and celebrations of moms, dads, and June brides. Such a busy family time! Surely we can put tax day behind us, and just celebrate our loved ones, right?

Almost right. Amid those graduation cards are gift checks, and for many, even bigger tuition bills. Along with newlyweds come wedding registries and pricey receptions. Family celebrations are inextricably linked to money. Spending decisions, budgets, emotions (of course), and teachable moments abound.

Here at A&I Financial Services, we strive to keep learning about the many ways our clients interact with money, spending, security, wealth, families, goals, and more. One short and powerful book that's been recommended and we have subsequently devoured is Ron Lieber's "The Opposite of Spoiled." Targeted to parents of preschoolers through high schoolers, the book advocates having money conversations that few families know how to do. Lieber states that parents need to avoid succumbing to the flawed belief that children can somehow be effectively sheltered from thinking about, talking about, or at least wondering about money.

Read more in a review by industry expert Michael Kitces here. And to order a copy of the book, click here.

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